The Langham Tall Rat and Hamster Cage with Two Floors - Black

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The Langham cage is ideal for Rats, Hamsters, Chinchillas and other small sized pets. 
The cage comes with two shelves and two ladders forming a multi floor system (as shown)! 
All accessories shown included. 1 x Hideaway/House, 2 x wheel and 2 x bowl. 
This cage is part of our space saving range and is easily collapsible for storage. 
Large opening top door (L: 68cm W: 38). Measures L: 78cm W: 48cm H: 58cm 
Super narrow bar spacing 1cm 
Assembly is straight forward and requires no extra tools.


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    Posted by Unknown on 13th Nov 2020

    Brilliant size cage for my rats. Plenty of room. Easy to put together. Looks nice and sturdy. Only downside is wheels and house are too small for rats.

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    Posted by Carey Molloy on 3rd Aug 2020

    Really pleased with this cage. It's a good size and well built. The accessories won't last long as very small, but that doesn't bother us.

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    Spacious and sturdy cage, but useless accessories

    Posted by Francine on 10th Jun 2020

    It's very sad that most cages sold in regular pet stores are way too small for hamsters, but this cage is a good size. It's easy to assemble, easy to open, and easy to clean. The gaps between the bars are small and the bars themselves are sturdy enough to withstand chewing (my hamster was a bit stressed during the first couple of days). The base is deep enough to hold a large amount of substrate for my Russian dwarf to burrow in, which is absolutely delightful. The added levels are nice, though my hamster doesn't seem particularly interested in the top one.

    However, the accessories that come with the cage aren't particularly good. The house is transparent, making it not ideal as hamsters need darkness and privacy in their hideout. The wheels are also too stiff for my dwarf hamster to push (even after adding some vegetable oil as lube) so they're practically useless. A bigger hamster could probably push it, but then it would be too small for anything larger than a dwarf hamster.

    All in all, it's a good cage that meets the bare minimum of what a hamster needs, though for the same price, something like an IDEA Detolf cabinet would be better value for money.

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    Perfect for an active Syrian

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jun 2019

    Our little Syrian hamster loves her new cage. The wooden shelves and ramps can be adjusted to any height. Plenty of room for her to run around and play in the bottom level. There's enough height for her to climb. She's very active! Easy to construct and lovely quality. Definitely worth the money. The wheels are too small but can easily be replaced.

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    Posted by Unknown on 25th Mar 2019

    Fantastic cage for our Hamster, most hamster cages are too small in my opinion. This cage lets 'Hammy' spend the evenings climbing the bars and enjoying the extra space. He does not present any stress signs such as chewing the bars.
    We replaced the wheel with a flat one as the wheels provided are too small and can give a growing hamsters a curved spine.
    We hide his food on different levels to ensure he has plenty to do, there is even enough room to place a sand bath in once a week which he loves.