Metal Feeding Station Chinchillas Ferrets Rats - Triple

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Bolted feeding station for small animals and birds. Designed to be bolted onto the side of any cage (with the bowls on the inside). Station spins round to enable food and water to be refreshed without having to remove the bowls. Bowls are removable for cleaning and measure 4" diameter (10cm)

Once on the inside of the cage, the inner lip stops the bowls being removed or thrown around the cage reducing mess and waste. Depending on the cage, some bars may need removing to fit these feeding stations. Once in place these can remain in position permanently. A latch folds down behind the station to stop the animal pushing it out.

These feeders can be fitted on to most metal bar cages. You would need to clip out the bars that would be covered by the dishes then bolt the feeding station into place. Once on the cage it would stay there permanently. Picture shows the dish as it spins into place. These are very high quality feeding systems - the best we have seen.