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Mamble Rat / Hamster Narrow Bar 100cm Cage

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    This new cage design measures 100x54x64. It has narrow 1cm bar spacing, so great for syrian hamsters, rats etc. Large access doors for easy cleaning.

    Colours may vary from the photograph. This is a great cage for syrians, also good for rats but preferably for larger pets this should be used as a holiday or retirement cage - we have much larger ones available and you should always go for the biggest cage possible.

    There are two large hinged doors on the front, each measuring 18cm x 23cm heigh. These fold down and are secured when up by a loop of wire which folds down to secure them in place.

    You can see customer photograph setups of this cage here.

    This cage has featured in "The Hamster Mag" Febuary 2013 edition as being ideal for hamsters.

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    1. Even better than expected

      As previous reviewers have stated, if you're more familiar with hamster tubes then the photo makes the cage look smaller than it is. Even though I knew the dimensions of the cage, it was a pleasant surprise to see how big the accessories are (perhaps I should have measured the photo and used the cage dimensions for scale!). The water bottle holds 500ml, the bowl has a diameter of 11.5cm (and is the perfect size to fit on my scales) and the tubes are ferret tubes, the perfect size for rats to clamber over each other!

      There are no instructions as such, just a picture, but assembly is quite straightforward (unfold cage, place on base, attach roof, attach clips to secure cage to base).

      Overall I'm very happy and I'm sure my rats are too.
      on 24th May 2018

    2. Good cage

      Cage came really quickly. The box it came in was barely taped closed so was expecting something to be missing but there wasn't. The best value cage I had found and brilliant for the size of it. The water bottle that came with it was useless though. Poured out and emptied over night in the freshly made cage so I've replaced that but the bottle isn't why i bought the cage..just a heads up to buy a decent bottle! There's loads of space in this cage. Plenty room to hang things, for a house and toys plus a chinchilla igloo. I took out one of the tubes that came with the cage as one is plenty enough. The toilet is nice and big but I struggle some times to get it to clip on. Cleaning the cage is a faff. You have to lift the top off which is big and heavy and there's no handles to lift it up. The bars are really narrow which is great for my 2 6 week old rats but not so good for my fingers..n I have small fingers! I'll try to add handles somehow but all in all......big sturdy safe 2 rats will grow and still have plenty of room. Happy with it on 2nd May 2018

    3. Superb!!

      I bought this after my daughters new male companion for her existing male rat produced 11 babies 4 weeks after their introduction. I presume that means they got on very well.
      The babies are now 6 weeks old and they boys had to leave their mother. This cage is ideal for both baby and adult rats as the narrow bar spacing means the little ones can not escape, and they are thrilled with all the extra room and climbing opportunities this cage provides them. I’ve read that the vertical bars can be problematic for rodents climbing, but so far my little squad are managing to scale the cage without any problems at all. It is easy to fit together, the rats are easily accessible through two huge doors, and there’s ample space to hang hammocks and put extra shelves, which can be bought. I will be buying another cage for mama rat and her girls, and another for my daughter who is taking 3 of the boys. Fantastic.
      on 22nd Feb 2018

    4. Mamble 100

      Bought this for my Syrian hamster Boo. She loves the space. I bought an extra shelf to put in. It’s an excellent cage. I put it together in about 5 min. I also got the stand (available separately) The only downside to this cage is that there are only 2 small doors to the front which makes it difficult to access when hanging things. But other than that I highly recommend it :) on 19th Feb 2018

    5. Once together its fab.

      Not the greatest item to put together, the roof required a will of iron to get it into place perfectly.
      Its a great cage though, plenty of space for our two rats, the accessories are of good quality too. Really pleased with delivery times too. Great service.
      on 14th Feb 2018

    6. Brilliant Cage

      I have owned the 80cm version of this cage for many years, and decided that I would ditch the metal cages for plastic once more. These were the only cage I could find that were both budget friendly (I have a lot of animals to buy for!) and were comparable in size so that my rats didn't need to face a downgrade.

      Delivery was fast, and items arrived in perfect condition. Assembly was very easy, even without instructions provided, though I have had to cable tie the roof to the walls of the cage to prevent some very clever ratties squeezing their way out. I'm happy with the quality of the cage, the base is made from plastic of a decent thickness, and the coated bars look very nice and certainly won't rust like my previous cages. The accessories are a really nice touch as well, and my rats have been enjoying those since they moved in!

      My biggest issue with the cage is access, however. I think the cage could have really benefited from larger doors, especially when you're 5 foot tall and have the arms of a t-rex! But for the price (I got these in the December offer, so even better) this is unquestionably a brilliant cage and I will recommend it to any new rat owners, or those looking to upgrade. In all, thank you very much Little Pet Warehouse!
      on 11th Dec 2017

    7. Top quality

      This cage is very top quality and the cheapest I found online, especially when a well known retailer for pets was selling this for £90.

      The cage is very sturdy, easy to put together, big enough to keep my little friends happy for a long time.
      on 7th Sep 2017

    8. A lot bigger than it looks

      This cage is very big, I've actually seen someone give it a bad review for being too big.
      The tubes inside make the cage look smaller but they are actually ferret tubes.
      Suitable for 6 rats in theory but i have three happy girls in there.
      It doesn't have very good instructions, only a picture but is not to difficult to figure out.
      Highly recommended for rats as most cages this size have larger bar spacing.
      at 52.99 it's an absolute steal, comparable cages are £20 more expensive.
      Delivery was fast and efficient.
      on 12th Jul 2017

    9. Fantastic cage for the price

      Narrow bar spacing, massive cage!
      Pretty easy to assemble, can easily be done with one person.
      Two reasonable sized doors. Lovely deep base. And coated bars. Can easily be flat packed when not in use.
      Comes with tons of accessories, so the perfect starter cage. All you need to add is substrate and animals.
      This was bought for my doe rats, and they love it.
      Plenty of room for toys. Speedy delivery too!
      Thank you little pet warehouse!
      on 14th Mar 2017

    10. Awesome cage for the price

      Photos really do not do this cage justice. It's big! Would comfortably hold four buck rats, up to six doe rats if the space is used wisely. Bags of floor space, narrow bar spacing (so ideal for babies or hamsters) comes with tons of tubes, corner shelf, water bottle, bowl and robust corner potty. Two good sized doors. It's easy to assemble, and once finished with use, it flat packs perfectly. A nice tasteful dark blue with matching bars. My boys love it! Was delivered fast too. By a courteous driver. Thank you little pet warehouse, you've made me a happy rat mum. on 8th Mar 2017

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