Mamble Rat / Hamster Narrow Bar 100cm Cage

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Expected release date is 4th Sep 2020

Amazing high quality rodent cages from the 'Little Friends' range of high quality small animal products. 
These have thicker bars and stronger bases than the majority of similar items on the market. 
In fact, we are so sure that you (and your pet) will be delighted that we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee on these cages.
The photos show the 100cm size. 
Mamble 100 measures: 100x54x64cm
These cages have narrow 1cm bar spacing, so great for syrian hamsters, rats etc. This cage comes with the accessories shown, and has large access doors for easy cleaning. 
Colours may vary from the photograph (see colours section below). This is a great cage for syrians, also good for rats but preferably for larger pets this should be used as a holiday or retirement cage - we have much larger ones available and you should always go for the biggest cage possible. 
There are two large hinged doors on the front, each measuring 18cm x 23cm heigh. These fold down and are secured when up by a loop of wire which folds down to secure them in place.
Accessories are INCLUDED and consist of a large substrate holding shelf, tubing, bottle, bowl and corner litter tray.
At the moment all the 100 cm Mambles have blue/black bars and dark navy/black bases. 
The tubes are clear at the moment with blue ends. We can swap the end rings for pink if you prefer but you need to let us know with a note added to your order (look for the "add note to seller" link as you go through the checkout) - we post things quickly, so don't wait several days to tell us if you want the pink rings as it will be too late!
These cages are delivered flat packed and require minor assembly. The clips need to be applied correctly to each of the side of the base in order for the wire canopy to remain rigid. 
The top bars require hooking over the side ones. This is all very straightforward to do and these are some of the easiest cages to assemble.


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    Very good

    Posted by Sharan on 19th Jun 2020

    I've got this for my hamster, and it's quite a bit bigger than the recommended which is good. The base is nice and high, which allows for a lot of bedding to be put in, and the hamster not being able to kick it out.

    The main issue is that it is quite fiddly to make, and you definitely need 2 people. There is no need for any instructions which is good, because they don't give you any. It's pretty self explanatory how to put it together!

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    Bought for my hamster

    Posted by Hollie on 5th Dec 2019

    A good size cage, the bottom half is a lot deeper than most hamster cages that are the correct size for a hamster to be healthy, I believe this cage has 816 square inches of floor space for the little guy - the pipes are really easy to use and I have one as a tunnel, the accessories are of good quality and durable, the shipping was fast and I am thoroughly pleased with this product.

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    Love this cage so much!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Oct 2019

    I was so excited when the cage arrived just 2 days after putting the order in :) after opening the box, even though I knew the dimensions I was still so surprised about how big the cage actually was, the base is nice and deep so bedding isnt kicked out. Theres so much room to add tons of stuff, everytime you look you find a little space to add something (crazy rat momma)
    My only issue and it was the smallest issue was the water bottle, it leaked out too fast for my liking and I ended up just replacing it. If your looking for a very budget friendly but large and good quality cage, I'd highly recommend this for up to 4 rats. Calculating it on a "rat cage calculator" it can comfortably house 5 :) I just love this!

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    Love this!

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Sep 2019

    After having 2 escaped young rats I decided I'd find another cage, I came across this cage and instantly fell inlove, the space In the cage is amazing. The only thing I would say is it's very hard to reach in the back to hang things for my boys. The problem I've had is all 4 clips for the side of the cage have broken with just taking the cage off one time. Other than that the cage itself is huge, theres loads of room for atleast 4 rats, I only have 2 though which gives them tons of space :) I do recommend this cage highly and I think it will be brilliant for the rest of my boys life!

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    Better than expected

    Posted by Laura Clegg on 15th Mar 2019

    Myself & my 2 baby rats are delighted with this cage. I didn't have a big budget but wanted my babies to have plenty space.
    Reading reviews about hamsters made me worry, despite the measurements, that the cage wouldn't be big enough. However it is plenty big enough to do my boys to grow into. The small bar spaces keeps them inside the cage, they could escape the temp cage I had them in.
    As a single Mum I worried about flat pack but I had the cage set up in minutes.
    My rats love the large sized hanging tubes