Elegance Double Metal Large Flight Cage

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The perches and bowls shown in the images are not included.

Little Friends Elegance Large Double Metal Flight Cage
Measures 165 x 54 x 158cm 
Well designed, attractive cage is split in two, ideal for two separate groups of pets or for early introductions. 
Bar Spacing: 1cm
This cage comes empty, ready for you to add your own platforms, ladders and toys. 
Pull out trays for simple cleaning. 
Removable wire floor. 
Wheeled base for easier maneuvering
Weight - 47kg. 
Detailed Measurements 
165cm wide overall 
54cm deep 
158cm high including the base and wheels 
Actual cage part is 95cm high from the base to the top.


1. Can I use the cage without the stand? Yes, absolutely. The cages just lift off the stand and can be used on their own. They dont bolt together though so you can either place them alongside each other unattached (they are heavy and won't drift apart) or you could join them with a bracket if you wished. We have uploaded a picture of one of these without the stand to this page.

2. Can I use the cage as one big cage without the dividing partition? Yes, no problem. The dividing partition just slides out. This does leave a gap of around 2cm in the middle where they join which could either be covered, meshed over or just left for larger pets who couldn't fit though the gap anyway. See the closeup picture with the width of the gap shown.

3. Can I remove the wire floor? Yes, you can, but this will leave a gap. It is possible to raise the height of the trays but this does require a bit of DIY modding to do although we are aware of quite a few people who have done this successfully. We have uploaded a picture with a tape measure showing the precise layout of the bottom trays with measurements.



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    Once I managed to fix it together with the help of the video, as the instructions that were sent were not very helpful, I was very pleased with the cage.

    Posted by Sue Miller on 23rd Mar 2022

    The instructions need to specify which size bolts to use in my opinion.

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    Elegance Flight Cage

    Posted by Claire Tooth on 16th Feb 2022

    Cage was delivered in two boxes. Unfortunately one of the plastic trays arrived damaged. Little Pet Warehouse despatched a replacement and I received it the following day, all perfect...That is what I call excellent customer service.
    The cage is huge!! you get a lot of cage for a very good price. I found it fairly straight forward to construct and it is very well made and sturdy. Even though it is a big cage, you can easily move it around on the stand. For me it gets 5 stars all round.
    If you are looking at this cage and wondering whether or not to order it....do not hesitate any longer. Order it, you will not be disappointed. I looked at this cage for well over 6 months before I ordered it...I so wish I had ordered it sooner. This cage ticks all the boxes.

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    Perfect for my Budgies

    Posted by Marcelle Stubbs on 26th Apr 2021

    This is wonderful cage, beautifully built and sturdy, and so big too. It was really easy to set up, even though the instructions aren't great. Thank you so much, high recommended.

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    Fantastic Cage!

    Posted by Amy on 3rd Apr 2021

    It would have been 4 stars if the instructions were just a tad clearer - while there were steps outlined, certain screws to use, etc were a bit vague, so it was initially a guessing game but myself (and my partner) soon got the hang of it. It only takes around an hour to build and it's sturdy, secure and very smart looking!

    It is especially spacious and currently housing my two cockatiels - the divider is a nice touch for giving them their own space, but there's so much room they're actually happy to share.

    Overall, it's an amazing cage and approved by my two birds! The locks are secure, same with the side doors.

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    Elegance double flight cage

    Posted by Sam on 8th Mar 2021

    Really nice cage. Delivered in two boxes quickly. The most tricky bit to put together was the trolley, which is separate to the cages. Took about an hour in total. The instructions are very basic (as I had read on other reviews), but the video supplied on this site was really helpful and with a little common sense it's easy to work out where each part fits. We bought this cage for our Green Cheek Conure and it is an amazing flight cage for one or two of this sized bird, he is much livelier and happy having swapped from a smaller cage. No perches or bowls supplied, but we wanted natural objects so this was fine for us. The middle support bars seemed to be favoured by our bird too. There is a good middle section separation grill, but this means that the two cages would not split into two separate. Good bar spacing for smaller birds. The bars are mostly vertical though but as they can fly in the cage this isn't much of an issue. Used as two cages it would be OK for a small bird species, each one is bigger than the last cage we had for ours. Good security on the front doors but the side ones need additional locks, our GCC managed to lean on the side doors and open them.