Coco Rat & Hamster Cage with Platforms: Large 100x70x54cm

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Amazing high quality 'Little Friends' range of small animal products. These have thicker bars and stronger bases than the majority of similar items on the market. 
In fact, we are so sure that you (and your pet) will be delighted that we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee on these cages.
One of the largest, nicest narrow bar cages we have seen in a very long time! 
Great for rats, Syrian hamsters, chinchillas and other similar sized small pets.
The Coco Cage by Little Friends has a grey plastic base tray, and silver metal bars (which are COATED silver with silver paint and will not rust). 
These bars are a much thicker gauge wire than other comparable cages on the market
This cage comes with the two wooden platforms and two wooden ladders as shown. 
Width across front: 100cm (at widest part of base lip)
Depth (front to back): 54cm
Height (top to bottom): 70cm.
There are two access doors, a large front drop down access door measuring 24.5 x 26cm. 
There is a huge door on top measuring 60 x 34cm - the access is absolutely superb on this cage.
It does need some minor assembly, it comes flat packed and you will need to fold the wire panels out and fasten the little hooks round the side panels (two second easy job). 
The bar spacing is 1.2cm, although this is does increase to around 1.8cm at the corner joins and at the top (but can be adjusted relatively easily). 
If using for Syrians we would recommend you bend this back ever so slightly to make the gap slightly smaller.
Bars are silver (coated, will not tarnish or rust) and base is the beige platinum colour shown. 
Neutral colours and a very attractive cage!
Tip: when assembling this cage to make it more sturdy we recommend crimping the side U shaped hooks at each corner. This makes it rock solid (we have tested this with 15kgs of weight on top of the canopy without it being clipped to anything and it was as sturdy as a table!). If you plan to flatpack this cage regularly then we would recommend leaving as it is - it is still an exceptionally sturdy cage once built and clipped to the base.


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    Nice cage but assembly isn’t as easy as I thought

    Posted by Kirsty on 23rd Aug 2021

    It took a bit of pressure to unhook the sides of the cage but I did manage it. The front hooks on both sides do not hook on, so there is a gap in the cage that will require some wire or something to tighten it to prevent my hamster from escaping

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    Hamster cage

    Posted by Sls on 26th Apr 2021

    This is a large cage do plenty of space for a Syrian hamster. However the gaps round the top and corners are too wide and our hamster kept escaping. There is a comment about this on the product guide but we’re we’re not able to make the gap smaller without making the next bar below bigger. In the end we have had to buy a plastic trim snd attach this round all the corners to prevent the hamster getting out. I don’t think I would recommend this cage for a hamster or certainly not until perhaps they were fully grown

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    Good size

    Posted by Nancy on 27th Mar 2021

    I bought this as a holiday cage for our group of male rats. The cage is a really good size for the money and solidly built. I don't think we will use the wooden ledges as they look like they would start to smell quite quickly. The cage packs flat which was our main reason (along with the size) for selecting it. My only real criticism is with the plastic clips to attache the base to the wire cage. It takes an unreasonable amount of pressure to clip them (if you can even succeed) and when we unclipped them to put the cage away, one broke (due to the stress on the plastic). We'll have to come up with an alternative like garden wire to use as I think if we just asked for a replacement for the clip, the same thing would happen again. After asking other owners of this cage this seems to me a common difficulty with this cage and really needs looking at.

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    Great Cage

    Posted by Aimee on 1st Feb 2021

    Bought this cage for my 3 rats to downsize from the Blenheim Extra Tall until I can move house and have more space. This cage is fantastic for the price for a small group - it's very large despite looking quite small in photos. The bar spacing is small and the bars themselves are very good quality metal, the door is relatively large and top door will fit a 16" tiktak wheel through it (which was a pleasant surprise!). The plastic tray is fairly deep so great for adding substrate. It is a bit complicated to put together at first but we got there in the end! I haven't used the ladders/ledges as I took them out in order to give me more space to hang ropes/hammocks/bridges tunnels etc. Delivery was fast and cage comes flat packed. Would definitely recommend this cage.

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    Posted by Ryan Richardson on 26th Jan 2021

    The cage is a good size for my rats The only issue I have had with it is when it arrived, the cage was damaged and some of the bars where bent.