Coco Rat & Hamster Cage with Platforms: Large 100x70x54cm

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Expected release date is 16th Nov 2020

Amazing high quality 'Little Friends' range of small animal products. These have thicker bars and stronger bases than the majority of similar items on the market. 
In fact, we are so sure that you (and your pet) will be delighted that we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee on these cages.
One of the largest, nicest narrow bar cages we have seen in a very long time! 
Great for rats, Syrian hamsters, chinchillas and other similar sized small pets.
The Coco Cage by Little Friends has a grey plastic base tray, and silver metal bars (which are COATED silver with silver paint and will not rust). 
These bars are a much thicker gauge wire than other comparable cages on the market
This cage comes with the two wooden platforms and two wooden ladders as shown. 
Width across front: 100cm (at widest part of base lip)
Depth (front to back): 54cm
Height (top to bottom): 70cm.
There are two access doors, a large front drop down access door measuring 24.5 x 26cm. 
There is a huge door on top measuring 60 x 34cm - the access is absolutely superb on this cage.
It does need some minor assembly, it comes flat packed and you will need to fold the wire panels out and fasten the little hooks round the side panels (two second easy job). 
The bar spacing is 1.2cm, although this is does increase to around 1.8cm at the corner joins and at the top (but can be adjusted relatively easily). 
If using for Syrians we would recommend you bend this back ever so slightly to make the gap slightly smaller.
Bars are silver (coated, will not tarnish or rust) and base is the beige platinum colour shown. 
Neutral colours and a very attractive cage!
Tip: when assembling this cage to make it more sturdy we recommend crimping the side U shaped hooks at each corner. This makes it rock solid (we have tested this with 15kgs of weight on top of the canopy without it being clipped to anything and it was as sturdy as a table!). If you plan to flatpack this cage regularly then we would recommend leaving as it is - it is still an exceptionally sturdy cage once built and clipped to the base.


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    Fantastic all round

    Posted by Jasmine Holmes on 20th Jul 2020

    Ordered this cage as we are moving house and needed to down size and I can honestly say I'm so impressed. It wasn't really a down size as this cage is still huge but will fit perfectly where we want it to. The quality is amazing and the price was a bargain. Plus the girlies were thrilled to have a cage with more floor space really recommend

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    Hamster palace

    Posted by Nicola Yardley on 27th Jan 2020

    I bought this cage for my daughter's Syrian hamster. I was so pleased to find this website with larger cages. It is so difficult to find adequate small pet housing as generally cages are too small.
    This cage is fantastic at approximately 1 x 0.5 metres. It has three levels with wide wooden ramps between floors.
    Love the combination of materials in its construction. A thick plastic base, lovely natural wood ramps and very thick good quality wire sides. It has a large front and ceiling door for access.
    I highly recommend this cage for hamsters. It is great to see Benji enjoying his new home.
    I think for around £60 this is a great purchase. It is good quality and a great size for animals. It was delivered very quickly by Little Pet Warehouse after ordering.

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    Don't be fooled by pics, this cage is huge!

    Posted by Kat on 9th Jan 2020

    This an amazing cage for the price. The access is better than a lot of cages I've owned. I have 3 young female rats in this and they adore it, a 14inch wheel is dwarfed in there. You could easily keep up to 6 rats on this without issue.
    The floor space is the best part for me, my girls can easily run around and chase each other.

    I nearly knocked one star off because mine was a bit of pain to put together (I was doing it alone) and I'd like it to be slightly taller but for the money I really can't complain! I'm actually planning on buying another.

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    Perfect budget cage

    Posted by Samantha Sinclair on 31st Dec 2019

    Don't be fooled by the photo. This cage is huge! Which makes it total value for money. Nice thick bars and coated silver. Grey deep base. Which makes it a cage with more adult colours.
    I never used the shelves though, as housing rats. But replaced them with the corner shelves from their ferplast.
    Good access, with a good size door on the front and an even bigger one on top which makes it easy to remove and place their 14inch wheel.
    I've three girls in this, but it would happily house 5 if the space was used wisely.
    It clips together ok. But you will need to zip tie the corners so it doesn't collapse in when removing from the base.
    It's also got carrying handles for when moving it. Which is a bonus.
    Only downside is, it should come with more clips that hold the base to the top as I feel two is not enough. But that's just a minor niggle.
    Overall. I would definitely recommend this cage for both does and bucks as the bar spacing is perfect
    Fast delivery too. Tracked every single part of the way.
    Thank you little pet warehouse. I've some happy girls.

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    Coco large cage

    Posted by Rosy on 8th Nov 2019

    This cage is brilliant and a really great price at little pet warehouse. It’s the perfect size for my 3 girls. There’s space for lots of ropes, hammock and accessories but also room for a 16 inch wheel as well. My girls seem happy with the height and base size. It’s deceptively big and no pictures do it justice. Unfortunately when the cage arrived one of the bars had split but a quick email to pet ware house and they arranged delivery of a new cage section on the next working day. I’ve read bad reviews about the customer service but I honestly couldn’t complain. I couldn’t get through on phone at all during the open hours but I had a reply by email within 1 hour.