Cat Litter Pellets Wood 30 litre Bag 100% Natural Organic Smartcat

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The Smart Choice for the environment
Smart Cat litter is organic, chemical and additive free and biodegradable, making it the best all round choice for the environment. Smart Cat is manufactured entirely in the UK, with wood taken from sustainable UK forests.
The Smart choice for you and your cat
Smart Cat's unrivalled absorbency and superb odour control make it the best choice cat litter. Smart Cat will absorb more than four times its weight in water and retain its natural woodland pine scent for up to 10days in the tray. This high level of absorption plays a major part in controlling the bacterial growth that generates unpleasant odours.
Using Smart Cat
Fill the litter tray to a depth which is comfortable for your cat to use. A depth of approximately 1cm is recommended.
Maintain the litter tray by removing solid waste as soon as possible.
Soiled litter should then be removed with a scoop and tray topped up with fresh pellets.
Disposable or rubber gloves should be worn whilst handling soiled litter.
The litter tray should be completely emptied and cleaned with a safe household disinfectant on a weekly basis. The tray should be dry before refiling with fresh Smart Cat.
Smart Cat can be disposed via household waste bin or compost heap.