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All Metal Chew Proof Tall Chinchilla Cage Grey

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    ALL METAL EXTERIOR AND BASE - Chewproof and ideal for chinchillas & degus!

    Good quality, purpose designed chinchilla/rat cage with pull out cleaning tray. Comes with three small metal wire shelves and ladders.

    We stock a range of shelves and toys if you want to add more items to this cage - remember that anything you purchase at the same time as this cage will be posted free with it.

    Size: 51cm deep x 60.5cm wide x 152cm high. With castor wheels. Colour: Powder coated gunmetal grey.

    Bar spacing on this cage is 10mm. There are two hook shut doors each measuring 26x30cm.



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    1. It’s Great!

      This is a fantastic company, buy with confidence! I bought this cage for 2 little chinchillas. I am a OAP and put this together on my own in under an hour and only required 2 cups of tea.
      It was ordered and delivered all within 2 days. It is very impressive and just what I was looking for.

      Thank you for the excellent service.
      on 14th Jul 2018

    2. ....

      Nice cage on 7th Jun 2018

    3. Everything i expected and more

      Looks much darker in the pics but comes in a speckled grey colour.
      Took 5 mins to build in my own and give my rats plenty of space and climbing room
      Delivery was quick and i was kept well informed.
      The draw front is a little big for rats but ive got some velcro to keep it shut
      Very pleased
      on 31st Mar 2018

    4. Great cage

      Delivery was good . Product wasn't too hard to put together really 2 people but not long once figured it all out . Could do with numbering and labels for inside and out . The cage is brilliant for my two chinchillas. Loads of space to jump around and to add toys shelf's etc . All metal so no chewing worth the money :) on 16th Mar 2018

    5. Love it!

      Easy to put together, really easy to clean, love it! Have added my own wooden shelves for my degus and it works really well. on 19th Feb 2018

    6. Great for 2 female rats

      This was my first rat cage, and I went with it because it has a slightly smaller width and depth then most rat cages, but makes up for it by being so tall. Perfect if you don't have a lot of floor space. It also looks super smart in comparison to other cages, and the bars feel a lot more sturdy, less likely to bend or be bitten through then the rat cages I've seen in pet stores.
      There are two large front doors (about 2/3rds the width of the cage), which makes access to animals, and cleaning both easy.
      I have two girls in here, but could probably fit 3 or 4. My girls are rescues with head tilts, and they manage to climb around it perfectly well.
      The Only DIY I did was adding fleece covers to the platforms, and taking out the bottom grid which isn't suitable for Rats feet. (I use the grid for a ladder when letting the rats out). There is a tiny gap left at the bottom when you do this, however, there is a flap that covers the gap. I simply used the strong black office clips to hold the flap to the cage to insure the Rats couldn't push it open.
      Ive managed to fit in a large hammock, large igloo, 12inch wheel, litter tray and quite a lot of hanging toys.
      I put the cage together myself, I had to do it outside because the runners need to be balanced on top of the cage before sliding down. The metal down the side was slightly bent, but it didn't stop the runners sliding over it. I needed help carrying it upstairs, but the cage was simply to put together, other then the platforms inside, which are a bit tricky to get even. It just requires a bit of patience.
      LittlePetWarehouse give you a delivery day and a delivery slot on the day, so no sitting around all day.
      I would hugely recommend this cage, im so glad I choose this one.
      on 22nd Oct 2017

    7. Good Cage

      Great cage, loads of room our chinchilla loves it. Packaging could have been a little better as a couple of bits had twisted slightly but managed to put right ok. Overall a lovely cage. on 30th May 2017

    8. Rat/chinchilla cage

      This is a brilliant cage, I have 2 rats and they just love all the extra room. The cage was easy to put together but I did need do do it outside as my ceiling wasn't high enough or I guess you could lay it down. It did come slightly bent in places, largely due to the inadequate packaging. The prices weren't really protected in the box and the strapping was so tight the box was damaged. This resulted in my order arriving with out the chains I ordered, because I guess they fell out of the damaged box. On the plus side, when I rang to say I didn't have them the replacements arrived very quickly. Overall I'd give this product 10 out of 10 on 19th Apr 2017

    9. Love it!

      A really awesome cage for my 2 little rats. Came very quickly!!! Like others have said the packaging wasn't great but it was perfectly unharmed when I opened it up. I thought I'd have to get my dad round to help put it up (as I've read in the comments it was quite a struggle) but found it super easy on my own (as a 5"2 20 year old girl I'm pretty damn proud of that! Ha). The wheels work perfectly. The cage is super sturdy and amazing quality! And looks super smart and classy in comparison to a lot of the other cages I've seen! I really can't fault it. The ladders/shelves were a bit tricky to figure out. But after playing around with a few ideas I found an arrangement that is working for me. The boys seem to like it! Only been in it for a day and they're still a bit hesitant climbing to the top but I'm sure they'll build up the courage soon. Great cage and service. Thank you so much ☺ on 9th Mar 2017

    10. Very happy with this

      Lovely cage, easy to put together and my chin's love it. Very quick delivery to ireland. on 30th Jan 2017

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