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Dedicated to the health and well-being of degus everywhere, Degutopia is a free online information resource for scientists and the general public. Find accurate, up-to-date information on degu care, housing, diet and much more, plus free degu registration.

Happy Pooches
Home from home dog sitter. Let your dog come and stay with us and have a holiday of their own giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your own holiday.

Pennine Pen
animal rescue charity


Pet Street is a social networking website whose members care passionately about all the different animals that share our lives. It's about celebrating the joys and benefits these animals bring, encouraging compassionate and responsible pet ownership, and campaigning on the issues of animal welfare that we believe in.

In Celebration of Rats as Pets

Rat Health Care & Information

Symphony Rats
Rattery breeding Ivory, black-eyed Himalayan and black-eyed Siamese rats.

UK Pouchies
Informative site about Gambian Pouched Rats established by keepers and breeders.