My cage arrived damaged or faulty. What should I do?

Please email the images of the fault or damage with your order number to sales@littlepetwarehouse.co.uk and one of my teammates will get back to you with more details ASAP.



I'm not in the UK - can I order?

Unfortunately, we don't ship abroad.


How long does delivery take?

We aim to send all items out within 48hrs of payment being received (Monday-Friday).

Free Shipping is exactly the same as Standard. Standard shipping is for all orders below £29

We offer an express shipping option. Your items will be shipped with a next working day service Monday-Friday if the order is placed before 1 pm e.g Orders placed on Friday will be delivered Monday. Saturday and Sunday delivery are also available.


Which cage would be suitable for my pet?

All the information should be available on Google.

Please just search for: " suitable cage".

The information should be at the top of the search.

Alternatively, you can visit one of the many fantastic small pets forums available online.

Please check the measurements and bar spacing of our cages before you place the order.

Do you sell a spare parts?

Unfortunately, we do not sell spare parts for our cages.


How are your items packaged?

Depending on the products purchased your order will be sent in either a mailing bag or cardboard box. We try and use as much biodegradable packaging as possible. After feedback from our customers we now use all our own card boxes, plus specially designed cardboard corner protectors for our larger cages. We try to avoid using plastic based packaging products wherever possible as we appreciate these are difficult for customers to recycle. Many orders will be sent with shredded cardboard (shredded from un-needed cardboard boxes) to pad out part empty boxes. Cardboard packaging tends to be slightly dustier than plastic packaging (which we apologise for in advance) but we think the fact it can be recycled (or given to your little pet as bedding!) makes up for this. If you have any queries regarding our packaging or recycling policy please contact us!

How do I know it is safe to place an order with you?

Our site is totally safe, it is hosted on a secure dedicated server (look for the padlock icon as you go through the checkout process). We are an established company who publish our full contact details on the site and you can contact us any time by post, phone or email (be cautious of any "ecommerce" sites which do not show any sort of real postal address (not PO box) or method of contacting them other than an online form)

Do you keep a copy of my card details?
No, not at all. We can not see your password, card details or anything else.Your card details are handled by the card processor - Protx - safely and securely. We just get a list of card transactions and details of what you ordered.

Your site is asking me about some "Verified by Visa" / "3D Secure" thing - what on earth is that?
Just as your order is about to complete, you may find that you are asked to put in an email address or choose a password for your bank card. Please do not panic, although it is nothing to do with our checkout or order process, this new 'Verified by Visa" or "3D Secure" system is widely used and is something your bank is insisting on you doing before you can use your card online. It is supposed to reduce fraud but we do agree it is a bit of a pain to go through. At no point do we see the password or card details - the 3D secure part of the checkout is literally just between you and your card issuer. If you give up before you go through this, we wont get your order and you wont get your stuff!

HELP - your payment system wont accept my card!
We are very sorry, this happens sometimes. Due to the increased security around internet transactions, sometimes banks will decline card payments for minor reasons such as;

- The billing address you gave is not exactly the same address the card is registered at. They do now check every time that it matches.
- You have Javascript turned off on your computer.
- You have multiple cards registered to one address / multiple card declines / multiple names at address (this affects student halls of residence quite frequently)
- If you are living abroad and your bank card is registered to the UK - they map the IP address you are ordering from and if it is a foreign one using a UK card all sorts of red flags start waving. Best way of getting it to process is to use a card from a bank in the country you are living in - order address, billing address, and bank address all need to be in the same country (there is a way round this though, see below).
- The list goes on, there are lots of reasons your card may decline, but there are ways round this (see below)

What to do if my card declines?
- Email us to ask for a phone call to process payment. For some unknown reason, cards which will not go through online due to "fraud risk" (eg recent change of name after marriage) will go through perfectly over the phone - plus then you get to speak to some of the cheerful staff at our warehouse so its a bonus all round! We can also process overseas transactions and regularly get calls from customers all over France and Spain processing UK cards from foreign addresses with no problems (these same cards will not go through on the internet system!)
- Or - if you have one, try another card.

I want to send a cheque - is that ok?
Sorry, we no longer accept cheques as a form of payment

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on ALL our items, plus we know it is often hard to order just what you wanted online. As such we can offer refunds or exchanges on anything you do not want. We really do want you to be thrilled with your purchase. If for any reason you are not, then just return it for a refund. For our full returns policy click here

Our site is totally secure. It is hosted on a dedicated server maintained in a London datacentre. Look for the padlock icon as you go through the checkout which displays our valid SSL security certificate. We do not store or directly process any card numbers ourselves - these are handled by Royal Bank of Scotland as part of Streamline who are our merchant service provider.