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Little Friends Narrow Bar Hamster / Rat Cage

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    Large cage, suitable for a variety of pets. Measures a HUGE 78cm wide x 70cm heigh x 43cm deep. The base is a deep base measuring 18cm bottom to top, so ideal for species specific substrate.

    Lots of cage for the money. This is a NARROW BAR cage with 8mm spacing which means it is suitable for rats (including baby rats) hamsters and adult mice.

    There are two doors each measuring 15.5 x 18.5cm. The entire roof panel also unhooks for easy access.

    Comes flat packed requiring minor easy assembly and totally empty - accessories, platforms and toys available separately in our shop.

    Please remember that this is quite a high cage, we recommend you add extra shelves or hammocks to prevent vertical falls.

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    1. Best cage for the price

      Bought this for my 3 baby rats and it's a great size for the price! It does come with 4 shelves and tubes which weren't mentioned in description so that was a bonus! however the tubes are a bit on the small side for adult rats. The only downside is the doors are very small for the size of the cage. But other than that I couldn't be happier with it, and my babies seem very happy in their new home! on 21st Feb 2019

    2. Good spacious cage for syrian hamster

      This cage is really spacious and our little hammy is very happy here. The 4 coloured shelves and fitted tubes that come with it are great, but the shelves do slide around a lot. We have had to cable tie them in place. For a hamster who we didn't want falling too far, we had to put another shelf in which we were only able to do as we had to have a replacement for the bottom of the cage, which came with more shelves and tubes. (See reason below). The top of the cage comes assembled and is easily collapsible until you put the shelves in, then it seems pretty sturdy. The bars are close together enough for a syrian hamster to be contained but still able to look out easily and get lots of light in the cage.

      The bottom tray of the cage is not very well packaged and arrived broken, however Little Pet Warehouse were fantastic and sent a replacement immediately, it arrived in a day or two. Great customer service, thank you LPW!
      on 23rd May 2018

    3. Decent, cheap cage

      Bought this for my rats as it looked a great size and was cheaper than the other cages I've seen for this size. Easy to build, though the base clips were pretty stiff and the top door was bent but was able to straighten it fine. I didn't like the shelves as they are very thin and wouldn't hold weight well and the tubes were hard to put together. Perfect for small hamsters and baby rats, but isn't suitable for anything bigger. I can't complain though as they were free. Overall, I'm really happy with the cage. on 6th Dec 2017

    4. Great value great product

      We ought this for our dwarf hamsters and have built the a three level palace, all signs of cage boredom are gone. The cage arrived really quickly, was easy to build and is great quality. The hamsters and I are really pleased. on 11th May 2017

    5. Unless your price limit is absolute, go for the mamble 100! Otherwise, it's the best cage in its price range.

      This cage will contain up to 3-4 rats in adequate conditions for an amazing price. It isn't, however, a great cage when price is taken out of the picture.

      - It's really cheap
      - I've only had it about 2 months, but I'd say it's lifetime was about the same as that of a rat - I reckon it'll last 2-3 years, which isn't too bad on the scale of rats. If you're getting a couple of rats one time, this will last you.
      - It has the space required for at least 3 rats.
      - It has horizontal bars on the long sides, making it easier to hang hammocks, toys, drink bottles etc.
      - It is possible to attach wheels to the cage
      - It does indeed come with 4 platforms and some impossible to assemble hamster tubes. You would want the platforms for definite if you're housing hamsters in it as it's relatively tall, but we don't use them for our rats as they just accumulate pee and discourage exercise (we might when they are older though).
      - The base is deep, no substrate spills out, and it's pretty sturdy too.
      - The bars are narrow, so no escapees.

      - The doors are small; this makes it hard to get your lazier rats out and to put items in and out - you have to take the whole cage top off to say, clean out the litter tray, which becomes more of a hassle over time than it initially seems. It's also hard to reach the corners of the cage at all.
      - The bars are possibly too narrow if you have rats - they unnecessarily obscure the view, but this is very minor.
      - Whilst it is big enough for most natural behaviours, I do often find myself wishing it was a bit bigger. It seems large at first, but rats do love to rocket around when they're out playing. Rats are also pretty addictive, and we find ourselves wishing we could get a 4th or 5th, which the Mamble 100 would let us do.

      The Bottom Line:
      It's a very basic but adequate cage that can easily house up to 3 rats without being a squash, but more, bigger doors and a little extra space could have made it a really good cage.
      on 23rd Mar 2017

    6. the rats love it

      great value cage, a third of the price of the same size cage in Pets at Home, came with extra shelves and tubes, as other reviews have said these are too small for rats but would probably be fine for a hamster. All in all very pleased and good value for the 2 new rats last weekend and they are very happy in their new home! on 16th Feb 2017

    7. Love It!

      I really love my new narrow bar cage. It arrived when promised and was easy to put together. I had read the reviews so had my husband on hand to help me with the top. It was a little fiddly but no problem with the extra pair of hands. This cage is great value for money and my two rattie girls are loving their new home. As mentioned in previous reviews I too received four nice shelves and a plethora of twisty tunnels. Since the tunnels are too small for my girls I will do as another reviewer recommended and donate these extra parts to my local small animal rescue :) on 30th Jan 2017

    8. Very impressed with cage

      The cage itself was great the delivery on the other hand was a joke i paid for next day and when didn't arrive i contacted delivary company who were rude couldn't be bothered and told me will come following day it arrived with foot print all over box the product itself great my two rats love it but maybe should use different delivery service as u dont want to buy a great product but spend an hour bending bars back on 20th Jan 2017

    9. Great cage, have two

      Only negative is that the lid is a little fiddly to put on.

      Otherwise, great cage with good door placement.

      It is great for the price with sturdy bars.
      on 16th Jan 2017

    10. Recable price

      Very happy with the cage bigger than I thought and recable price and very prompt delivery will be back if I should need anything else so thankyou on 11th Nov 2016

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