Hamsters, Mice & Gerbils

Do you own a mouse, hamster or gerbil? Look no further - we have everything you need right here! All these toys and accessories are for little pets such as mice, hamsters and gerbils. We have a large range of cages, toys and accessories many of which are unique to us in the UK market and will not be found elsewhere. For small rodents who love to chew, please rest assured that all our wooden toys are specially made with 100% natural vegetable dyes which are totally safe and non toxic if ingested. We offer free delivery on orders £29+

We also have a large selection of mouse, gerbil and hamster toys, accessories, carriers, mouse, gerbil and hamster cages, hammocks and other mouse, gerbil and hamster related items. Try us and see, all our goods come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.We stock some of the best value cages & products in the UK - tried and tested by thousands of happy customers. Often customers contact us once they receive their order to say just how delighted they are - apparently people are put off by the prices believing the goods cant be as fantastic as we say they are for the cheap price... they are!

All the other bits and pieces you need foryour hamster. Cage accessories, cage shelves and ladders.

Although some of these cages are very large, all have hamster suitable bar spacing. We even have a few super narrow bar cages which are are suitable for even the smallest of pets such as mice and russian hamsters! We have hundreds of cages in stock at any one time, ready to leave immediately from our warehouse.

The RSPCA recommend a hamster cage which is a minimum of 75 x 40 x 40cm. Many of our hamster cages exceed this size recommendation. If you don't have enough space for one of the huge cages, we recommend connecting together a couple of the smaller ones to make a huge playground for your pet - ALL of our smaller cages have port attachements to enable you to connect them together with other cages in the range.

We have a range of carriers suitable for even the smallest pets. If you have several pets you could always opt for one of our larger carriers so that they could remain together during transport or while you clean their cages.

A brand new range of specially designed MINI toys for hamsters, mice and other tiny pets! Our hives are particularly popular with pets who love to snuggle - they are just like little nests!

Houses for mice, gerbils and hamsters. Everything from basic plastic houses to deluxe multi storey wooden crafted hideouts!

Small Pet Tubes
Tiny tubes for tiny pets! Look for the brand - tubes made by the same manufacturer are compatible and can be joined together to make mazes and playgrounds for your hamster, mouse or gerbil! We also stock replacement ends for the tubes in case your little darlings decide to chew them!

The ferplast tubing system has been particularly popular with our customers - the lab, gym and cubes all attach with the tubes and any ferplast hamster cages (eg the combi cage) to make a giant habitat for your pet.

Everything you could need for your hamster or mouse to play with! We have toys for both Syrian and Dwarf hamsters, in addtion to gerbils and mice. If you are at all unsure about sizes and suitability, make a note in the box at the checkout to say which animal you are buying for and we can check your purchases are suitable before sending - if anything is not large enough or too big we can give you a call to swap it over, making sure you get perfect products every time!

Treats & Food
Treats, chews and yummy snacks for tiny pets like hamsters, mice and gerbils

Wheels & Balls
A fantastic range of wheels and balls for hamsters - both dwarf breeds and larger syrian hamsters. We recommend going for the largest hamster wheel you can get in your cage - your hamster should not have to bend his back at an awkward angle to run in it. If you need help selecting the right wheel for your pet please ring us as our staff know all these wheels very well and may be able to make a suggestion for you!

Bowls, Bottles & Feeding
Bowls, bottles and other feeding items for little pets. This section also includes our ever popular veggie twister and veggie basket toys that you can fill with vegetables, fruit or hay for your little pet.

Health & Grooming
A selection of special vitamins and supplements for tiny pets. Whether it is flea treatment for your mouse or vitamin spray for your hamster you are looking for, this is the right place! We also have a range of grooming products for small animals - specialist brushes, combs and claw clippers.

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