Fluffy Lined Hammock With Pouch: Luxury Cream

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Plush Fluffy Lined Hammock With Pouch - part of our range of specialist small animal toys.

Hammock with pouch - designed for larger pets such as ferrets, rats and chinchillas. Easy to hang in your cage as the item comes with metal clips attached to four straps. This item can be either hung vertically (where animals can hide in the pouch) or horizontally where they can snuggle under the covers. This item is great for up to 4 rats or 1-2 ferrets.

MEASUREMENTS: 30cm (12") x 37cm (14.5") excluding straps. It will fit up to 4 adult rats or 1-2 ferrets.

These hammocks are available in several different designs so be sure to check them out and coordinate your cage!


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    Great for hamsters

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2017

    Good quality materials used and good value for money. My hamster loves to snuggle up in the pouch when it's cold.

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    Always a winner

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Nov 2015

    Been buying these hammocks for years - Good quality, reasonable price and easy to wash. My rats love snuggling under the pouch. Although I have a persistent chewer who loves nibbling these - hence repeat purchases!

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    All Sewn Up

    Posted by Chris Arnold on 2nd Sep 2015

    This latest hammock, bought for my two rats, was a slight disappointment compared to previous hammocks as the pouch underneath the top layer, which was open-ended has now been sewn up at one end. This does make for a more snuggly environment but if your rats are like mine, who like to keep their options (and escape routes) open, the sewn up end will soon be chewed through to recreate a tunnel. Having said this, the product is still of a very high quality and my rats spend a long time in and on the hammock.