For their safety and protection, ferrets should be caged when they are unable to be supervised. Not only do we stock ferret cages, but we also have a large range of playpens suitable for ferret use! Also, have a look at our igloos which are perfect for ferrets (will fit one adult hob or two jills) and can be suspended from the roof of the cage, or are freestanding and can be used on the floor.

We also have a large selection of ferret hammocks, ferret accessories, ferret tubes, ferret carriers, ferret cages and other ferret related items. We stock some of the best value cages & products in the UK - tried and tested by thousands of happy customers. Often customers contact us once they receive their order to say just how delighted they are - apparently people are put off by the prices believing the goods cant be as fantastic as we say they are for the low price... they are! Try us and see, all our goods come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Ferret Cages
A good ferret cage has metal bars to provide ventilation and the gaps between the bars are not so large that a ferret can escape or get his head caught between them. Falls can really hurt a ferret. If there is any potential of your ferret falling between floors or levels of his cage, then you can remedy the situation by hanging hammocks or other fabrics across the cage to protect them.

Remember, delivery is FREE to the UK Mainland on all orders over £29!

Ferret Hammocks
Ferrets spend a large section of their day sleeping - give them a nice cosy ferret hammock to snuggle up in! All our fabric small animal items are machine washable and have hooks to attach to your ferret's cage. If you haven't ever tried giving your ferret a hammock or bed, why not give it a go?

Ferrets love our toys (especially the larger igloos and hives) and spend hours playing in, on and around the hammocks before collapsing in a heap fast asleep!

Ferret Igloos / Hives

Ferret Toys
Ferrets love toys, and a happy entertained ferret is a contented ferret! We stock all sorts of ferret toys from tubes, to cubes, to hideouts and much more!

Ferrets are highly intelligent and relish having a nice selection of things to spend their time doing. We only stock the best quality ferret toys, hand picked from the market to ensure your pet is totally delighted when their package arrives! We also have a huge range of specialist hammocks and beds, just click the link on the right to see more.

Ferret Tubes
A huge selection of tubes perfect for ferrets. Tubing systems are not generally intercompatible, but all the ferplast tubes can be fitted together to form mazes as can the superpet ferretrail tubes. We also stock some of the most gorgeous fleece lined fabric ferret tubes and beds you will find anywhere!

Ferret Accessories
Have you tried litter training your ferret? We have litter trays available with wire grilles " perfect for easy cleaning! We also have great carriers in two sizes with the option of top or front opening. Calcium perches are also proving a great hit " these are designed for parrots so are super robust and SO much fun, We have playpens for free range time. The larger playpens come with a FREE house and FREE sun cover for if you wanted to use them in the garden.

Health & Grooming
A selection of cleaning and beauty products for your ferret, together with food supplements and vitamins, malt pastes etc.

Carriers & Harnesses
Need to transport your ferret? Look no further - our range of quality carriers are perfect! Our harnesses are perfect if you want to take your ferret out without the risk of losing him - ferrets are naturally inquisitive and love to get out and about!

Bowls & Bottles
Feeding accessories for your ferret - food bowls, bottles and extra items like treat holders to alleviate boredom!

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