Coco Rat & Hamster Cage

Coco Rat & Hamster Cage with Platforms: Large 100x70x54cm

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    INTRODUCTORY PRICE - LIMITED TIME OFFER! Wow - one of the largest, nicest narrow bar cages we have seen in a very long time! Great for rats, syrian hamsters, chinchillas and other similar sized small pets.

    The Coco Cage by Little Friends has a grey plastic base tray, and silver metal bars (which are COATED silver with silver paint and will not rust). These bars are a much thicker gauge wire than other comparible cages on the market (we handle cages all day and these are noticeably thicker than the Savic Freddy cages for example).

    This cage comes with the two wooden platforms and two wooden ladders as shown.

    Width across front: 100cm (at widest part of base lip)
    Depth (front to back): 54cm
    Height (top to bottom): 70cm.

    There are two access doors, a large front drop down access door measuring 24.5 x 26cm. There is a huge door on top measuring 60 x 34cm - the access is absolutely superb on this cage.

    It does need some minor assembly, it comes flatpacked and you will need to fold the wire panels out and fasten the little hooks round the side panels (two second easy job).

    The bar spacing is 1.2cm, although this is does increase to around 1.8cm at the corner joins and at the top (but can be adjusted relatively easily). If using for syrians we would recommend you bend this back ever so slightly to make the gap slightly smaller.

    Bars are silver (coated, will not tarnish or rust) and base is the beige platinum colour shown. Neutral colours and a very attractive cage!

    Tip: when assembling this cage to make it more sturdy we recommend crimping the side U shaped hooks at each corner. This makes it rock solid (we have tested this with 15kgs of weight on top of the canopy without it being clipped to anything and it was as sturdy as a table!). If you plan to flatpack this cage regularly then we would recommend leaving as it is - it is still an exceptionally sturdy cage once built and clipped to the base.

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    1. Syrian Hamster is very happy!

      Fab cage. Good and sturdy. It’s heavy, definitely a two man job to take the top off! Shelves are a bit of a bugger to put in but are well made and solid once they are in. Easy to use a bit of mesh to make sure the little princess doesn’t escape out of the larger bits on the side and the top. Good deep base to allow lots of bedding for digging in and we get very little spillage. Tons of room for toys and a huge wheel. Great access doors too. Since moving into this Oreo is very happy and has stopped bar chewing and is far more sociable. So much better than anything I found in shops. on 19th May 2019

    2. Perfect cage for my 2 rats

      I bought this cage after recommendations from a Facebook group. All the other cages I had been looking at (on other websites) in this price range were only suitable for adult male rats due to the bar spacing being too wide.
      It is very good quality, well made and i love the neutal colour of the base. My girls love it and I'm confident they are safe,and not able to escape.
      I only put one of the shelves in so that I had a lot more room to hang ropes, hammocks etc, I love that you have the option to customise it. Would definitely purchase again.
      on 25th Apr 2019

    3. Not perfect but great.

      Firstly, I ordered this on Monday evening (8pm ish) and it arrived Wednesday at 12pm with DPD tracking on the normal free delivery, so fast which was great.

      The box had some wire parts poking out but no damage at all. Took a few minutes to figure out how the flat pack was folded but I did it myself and got it stood up. Please note it is a big cage, the pictures don't do it justice. Get a tape measure and see.

      The corners are connected by hooked wire and these aren't amazingly lined up. People have mentioned tightening them but these are way too strong for that. I have 4 female rats and I'm sure they cannot get between the bars in the corners.

      The cage only comes with two clips to attach it to the base, this is no way near enough and I immediately ordered more. I'd say at least 6 to keep it secured and sturdy.

      I haven't got all the wood in because they are impractical for keeping clean. I ordered the large corner platform from here and it does fit halfway up the cage. I plan on ordering another too and hopefully long ones.

      The front door is really big. I have medium sputniks and they fit through this door. This means I can hang things from the roof even though it opens as access is easy.

      I bought this after the little friends 3 story cage rusted really badly. I bought this with the expectation it doesn't and will amend this review if it does. The wires on this however are considerably stronger. Time will tell.

      Overall I'm happy, it's not perfect and I genuinely don't think I'll ever find one but this is great especially for the price.
      on 20th Feb 2019

    4. amazing

      got this for my two 8 week old male rats Zero and Jack they love it and its so much bigger then it looks in the photos. took a long time to put together but its well worth it very happy! on 8th May 2018

    5. Great all round cage

      The cage is a good size and the materials are also quite nice. The cage didn’t come with instructions so took some messing around with to try and put it together. The wooden platforms and ladders are also easily stained by animal waste and I’ve found they quickly soak up the waste and obtain a rather undesirable scent. I would recommend buying some plastic platforms and ladders for long term use. on 31st Jan 2018

    6. Very strong and sturdy rat cage once assembled!

      Make sure you have plenty of room as this is really big! This new home has enabled me to take on another two female rats, allowing four to be housed. My girls are around three months old, but I would recommend you find a smaller cage until they are about ten weeks or so as the corners could allow for small ratties to squeeze through.

      You may need a hand to assemble the metal cage part as it is a little tricky to expand it and hold each corner in place on your own. Once I had managed that part, I lifted the cage on to the base and secured each corner with strong cable ties, the reason for this being that when you remove the caging for cleaning it can fold back in on itself. (My girls haven't noticed the cable ties so no chewing there!)

      I have a system for cleaning and have to ask my husband to take one end as I take the other as you cannot physically stretch your hands either side to reach the handles and lift it off the base on your own. The cage itself is heavy, you'll notice this when the box arrives.

      It has a large door to the top of the cage, but I would hang something near it to enable them to climb out on their own. I have tubing and a hammock and this works well. The door to the front is smaller, but I can fit a their large wheel through it if I need to clean it. It can be a little tricky to attach the wheel as you have to hold the wheel against the wall with one arm inside the cage as you use your free arm to attach the wing nut, it will just depend where you decide to put their wheel.

      The cage bars are very strong and my girls whizz around without using the ramps. I actually removed the lowest ramp from ground to first floor as it restricted me putting my hand in the base properly. This does not bother my girls as they are huge climbers, but I have hung a cargo net along the front of the cage to use this if desired to the first shelf.

      I have been able to add hanging tubing, a hammock and have more playthings are coming on a delivery! Also, I have placed a cat litter box into the base to toilet train them and it only takes about a third of the base up. The rest of the base, shelves and ramps I have laid with fleece.

      This company have also been a pleasure to buy from. I rang one morning to check this was in stock and ordered it for next day delivery (you must order online as they don't take payment over the phone).
      on 21st Sep 2017

    7. Gerbil cage

      Fab size the pair think they have moved into Buckingham Palace!! Great price, great size, fast delivery, easy to put together. Excellent on 22nd Aug 2016

    8. Massive, i can even fit in it...

      Cage is massive compared to what i thought it would be, but thats a good thing when you want pets like rats degus chinchillas etc. I found it a little hard to put the platform hooks through the cage on my own but im not great at assembling things anyway but managed to do it with help from a friend. very sturdy. have to tighten the tops to make the gaps smaller but thats easy enough to do on 22nd May 2016

    9. Great but large!

      This is massive compared to what it looks like on the pictures, i bought this as an upgrade from a small pets at home cage for my hamster and she's now living in a palace. Its nice and sturdy and good quality, though i have had to zip-tag the sides together to make the edges smaller; which buying for rats as suggested shouldn't be an issue. Just make sure you get a realistic idea of the size before you buy as I've has to re-arrange my room to fit it in on 23rd Jan 2016

    10. Value product

      Ok, so when this first arrives it feels a bit cheap and flimsy, but put it together correctly and you have a sturdy, secure ache that even my chinchilla can't get out of! I recommend covering all plastic with non-pill fleece if using for a chinchilla. Basically that means getting a couple of fleece blankets and having one in, one in the wash! Super easy and a single size blanket will fit this cage beautifully with a little spare.

      I would Definitely recommend this cage, and will be shopping here again when I go in search of a larger cage for my twin boys to live in.

      Delivery was easy and very quick and the packaging was very suitable, although I was glad I had so,embody to lift it for me! May need some pliers to loop bars together more securely, but it isn't essential.
      on 2nd Oct 2015

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