Chinchillas love our toys - try our igloos and hammocks with your chinnie, they will love you for it! We also stock calcium perches, great for jumping on (and for nibbling!). All our wooden toys are coloured with natural vegetable dyes, totally safe and non toxic even if ingested... Brighten up your chinchilla's cage!

We also have a large selection of chinchilla toys, chinchilla accessories, chinchilla carriers, chinchilla cages, chinchilla hammocks and other chinchilla related items. Try us and see, all our goods come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.We stock some of the best value cages & products in the UK - tried and tested by thousands of happy customers.

Bowls & Bottles
A full range of bowls, bottles and feeding accessories for chinchillas such as hay racks, vegetable and treat holders.

Carriers & Harnesses
We have a range of cariers suitable for all needs - from taking your chinchilla to the vet to a temporary safe place for your chinchilla to be while you clean their cage. We also stock a full range of harnesses.

Chinchilla Accessories

Chinchilla Cages
We stock a large range of good quality chinchilla cages at discounted prices.

When it comes to Chinchilla Cages, we recommend going for the largest one you can afford and that you have space for. Chinchillas are bigger than lots of other pets such as hamsters and gerbils plus they can be extremely active so the extra room will be very much appreciated (you will be glad you bought a bigger cage when you see your chinchillas madly tearing round the inside of it!)

Chinchillas prefer high cages. The ideal setup is with a large tall cage containing nesting boxes at the top, a number of shelves hammocks and toys and plenty of room for extras like a chinchilla wheel. If you plan to breed your chinchillas then it is more sensible to go for a low-medium height cage in case the babies climb up and fall down again. On our site, all chinchilla cages over £29 will get FREE UK delivery included!

Chinchilla Hammocks

Chinchilla Houses
Houses, nests and hideaways for your pet Chinchilla or Degu to enjoy! We have everything from wooden boxes to elaborate woven nests for your pet to snuggle up in.

Chinchilla Tubes
A huge selection of tubes perfect for chinchillas. Tubing systems are not intercompatible, but all the ferplast tubes can be fitted together to form mazes as can the superpet ferretrail tubes. Remember delivery is free to the UK mainland for orders over £29 so grab some bargains for your chinchilla!

Chinchilla Treats & Food
Chinchilla treats and delicious packets of goodies - try our herbal chinchillla foods for a natural supplement to your chinchilla's diet!

Health & Grooming
A range of vitamins, supplements and disinfectants safe for use with chinchillas. Never attempt to bath a Chinchilla in water or with animal shampoo - they bath in special sand and usually need no help keeping their fur looking stunning. We also have a full range of brushes and grooming equipment.

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