25th Nov 2016

Picking the correct hammock for your Ferret

Ferrets are extremely playful pets but also enjoy spending large swathes of their day relaxing. They are particularly fond of hammocks and soft bedding. We have years of experience supplying hammocks to thousands of ferret owners and have got a range of some of the best ferret hammocks around!

So what should you choose for your ferret? Here are our best hammocks and what they are most suitable for:

Plain hammocks: Basic hammock available in a range of colours and styles. This is great as an extra and with long straps can be customised to fit within your cage at any level.

Quilted hammocks: A basic hammock with a bit of extra quilted luxury for ferrets that enjoy being spoilt! This is also in a rectangular size so it is better for cages where space is limited.

Soft tunnels: Hours of fun for ferrets – with a hole at either end and another in the middle this is excellent for games of hide and seek or for accessing different levels of the cage!

Bunkbed hammocks: Again this is a brilliant toy for both lounging and playing – we have seen ferrets playing chase literally doing laps of these toys under and over!

Pouch hammocks: A ferret favourite, this hammock has a pouch for snuggling underneath and hiding. Even better it can be hung either way (either flat or vertical to make a suspended pouch). We have also had customers adapt these to use as ferret carry bags when out and about!

Slippers: Fabulous toys which can be hung or used free standing with a removable washable cushion inside.

Igloos: Large toys which can hang or be used on their own in the cage. These are big enough for ferrets to hide inside.

Hives: Designed for groups of ferrets these are big toys ideal for snuggling up inside!

Even better – these toys are all available in a matching range of colours so whether your ferrets prefer leopard print or pink stripes we can provide exactly what they want!

Which hammocks do your ferrets prefer? Send us your pictures via our facebook or twitter – we would love to see them!