9th Feb 2017

Grooming Your Ferret

Ferrets are clean animals and will groom themselves, but it is also important to regularly clean their teeth and ears, clip their nails and occasionally bath them.

Bathing your ferret:

  •  It is really important not to overdo this – it strips the oil from their fur and can give them dry skin.
  • If you are worried about musky ferret smells you will have more success in regularly washing their hammocks and bedding since over bathing will actually make your ferret produce more oil in his fur and increase any smell.
  • Make sure you use a special ferret shampoo and dry him until he is damp. Much like some dogs, ferrets will enjoy having a towel on the floor which they can rub on to dry off the rest of their fur!

Clipping your ferret's nails:

  • Regular nail maintenance is extremely important. It is a good idea to cut your ferret's nails at least once a month. Use a special small animal nail clipper to get a clean, neat cut – scissors can slip and give a ragged edge.
  • To get your ferret to keep still, roll him on his back and provide a tasty treat to give him something else to think about whilst you clip his nails.
  • Make sure you don't cut too far down – look for the pink inside the nail as this is the quick and it will bleed if you cut into it. If you do cut too far down, make sure you have some styptic powder ready to stop the bleeding – your vet can supply this.

Cleaning your ferret's teeth:

  • Depending on your ferret's diet, teeth will normally need cleaning every 1-2 weeks.
  • Use a specialist pet toothpaste and brush and work slowly and gently.
  • Many ferrets will need a vet to professionally clean their teeth every couple of years – ask your vet for advice if you want to know about the current state of your ferret's teeth.

Cleaning your ferret's ears:

  • With such a delicate area it is important to use the correct cleaning products – ask your vet who can supply specialist ear drops.
  • Squirt a couple of ear drops into the ear and massage gently. Clean with a cotton bud.
  • If your ferret has black or very dark ear wax, consult your vet as this can be a sign of ear mites which left untreated can cause deafness.

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