4th Dec 2015

Why rats make great pets!

Pet rats are easy to care for and are highly intelligent. They are some of the few small animals who are able to master complex tricks.Domestic or 'fancy' rats are also extremely clean and actually gr …

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26th Sep 2015

Caring for your Rabbit

Rabbits are extremely popular pets in the UK and it is easy to understand why, when you look at how easy to train and friendly they are!There are a number of things you need to ensure you have conside …

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18th Sep 2015

Checking your Rabbit's teeth

Rabbits teeth grow constantly – around 3mm a week! It is important that you check your rabbit's teeth weekly to ensure that you detect any problems early.What can I do to prevent my rabbit having teet …

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11th Sep 2015

Training your guinea pig

How do I start training my guinea pig? Training should be broken into small chunks of 10-15 minutes a day. Always use positive reinforcement (your guinea pig's favourite treat combined with praise and …

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