29th Jan 2016

Training your mouse

Mice are extremely intelligent and are some of the easiest small pets to train. Mice can be trained to do everything from playing football to walking a tightrope. How do I start training my mouse? Fir …

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22nd Jan 2016

Does my pet need a friend?

Once you have decided on the type of pet you want to get, you need to think about whether the animal you have chosen will be happy living a solitary life or if it would prefer some company. Many small …

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15th Jan 2016

Caring for your ferret

Ferrets should ideally be kept in groups of two or more as they are social animals and enjoy company. Ferrets need a lot of space and exercise and will need to come out of their cages each day for pla …

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16th Dec 2015

Christmas & New Year Delivery Times

Our last dates for guaranteed delivery before Christmas are:Order by 2PM:Cages & Large Items (next working day)Monday 21st DecemberSmall items (Royal Mail 2-3 days)Friday 18th DecemberWe will continue …

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11th Dec 2015

Gerbils and grooming

Gerbils are self groomers, so generally there is very little you need to do to help maintain their coats.Brushing your gerbil: Many gerbils do enjoy being brushed with a soft bristle brush and it can …

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