5th Dec 2018

Christmas & New Year Deliveries

Our last dates for guaranteed delivery before Christmas are:Order by 2PM:Cages & Large Items (next working day)Wednesday 19th DecemberSmall items (Royal Mail 2-3 days)Tuesday 18th DecemberWe wil …

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2nd Apr 2018

Keeping Rats

We have a selection of just about everything you could want for your pet rat! Whether you are just getting your first rats (remember they are social animals and need to be kept in groups of two or mor …

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17th Feb 2017

Little Friends Cage assembly videos

Little Pet Warehouse in conjunction with Little Friends have produced a series of informational videos, showing in detail how to assemble and build these popular small animal cages. We hope …

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9th Feb 2017

Grooming Your Ferret

Ferrets are clean animals and will groom themselves, but it is also important to regularly clean their teeth and ears, clip their nails and occasionally bath them.Bathing your ferret:  It is re …

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1st Dec 2016

Caring for your Rabbit in winter

Rabbits who are normally kept outdoors can really suffer in the winter if the temperature suddenly dips. Even if your rabbit is an indoor bunny you will need to make sure their cage is situated somewh …

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