Blenheim Rat Cage with Accessories 93cm WHITE

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Bar spacing: 2.5cm (Please make sure it's suitable for the size of your animal)

Little Friends Blenheim Large Tall Rat Ferret Chinchilla Cage with accessories 93cm
Width 64cm x Depth 44cm x Height 93cm 
From the amazing high quality 'Little Friends' range of small animal products. 
These have thicker bars and stronger bases than the majority of similar items on the market. 
In fact, we are so sure that you (and your pet) will be delighted that we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee on these cages.
This cage measures 64cm long x 44cm wide x 93cm high. It comes with the accessories - bowl, shelves and ladder. (bottle not included)
The colour of this cage and accessories may vary from the photograph.
This cage is great for Chinchillas and Ferrets and also for adult male rats. 
The bar spacing is quite wide and so we wouldn't recommend for smaller pets. Bar spacing is 2.5cm.
Shelf hole measurements approximately 11cm x 11cm
Bar thickness approx. 4mm


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    Blanheim rat cage

    Posted by Jas on 26th Jul 2022

    This cage is amazing!! Super easy build and great delivery! Even helped bring the box in for my disability’s. The cage doors are super large and helps access inside much better. The only reason it’s not a 5/5 is because it came with slight rusting and I’m not sure where it’s from, but it’s incredible all around!!!

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    Nice large cage

    Posted by Kdelaney on 24th Mar 2022

    Nice and spacy enough for two rats to have a lot of room to play. Could have been made clearer any pet smaller than an adult rat will escape, it's very easy to miss in the description. Very easy to set up.

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    Great for degus

    Posted by Nathalie Harris on 29th Oct 2021

    I've bought this as a replacement cage for my 2 degus. They already have one the same but it's getting old and rusty where the water's leaked alot and they've toiletted in their favourite areas! Definitely not suitable for smaller rats, mine got out and got partly stuck in the bars in the process. This size is fine for degus as long as they've got lots to do and chew in there and I get mine out for a run around every day. If you're not doing this you probably need a bigger cage. Easy to attach perches, wheels etc on. Plastic shelves not suitable for degu's so I use wooden shelves and perches instead in addition to their nest box. Good size and safe gates to access cage- no paws getting caught like some other cages. Not too high so if you've got an older animal of animals prone to falling/jumping from too high this is quite a nice height. I use cardboard to line the floor as it's bars although the degu's chew some if this up. I put substrate in the tray at the bottom as inevitably toileting gets through and smells without this so obviously not good or pleasant for the animals or owners-unless alternatively you clean the tray out every day or two. Easy to clean, manageable size and fairly easy to get to all parts if the cage. Good price. Good /quick delivery.

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    Rat cage

    Posted by Kim Heaton on 28th Oct 2021

    This is the 2nd cage that I have bought of this type. Although I am pleased with the cage, unfortunately this particular one is broken already. One of the bars came detached and enabled my rat to escape.

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    Cage for my ferrets

    Posted by michael ioannou on 28th May 2020

    Great service delivery was very quick online help was really good , me and my ferrets really like the cage .