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Blenheim Extra Tall Rat Cage with Accessories 140cm WHITE

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    This cage measures 79cm long x 52cm wide x 140cm heigh. It comes with the accessories shown - a bottle, bowl, shelves and ladder.

    This cage is great for Rats, Chinchillas and Ferrets, bar spacing is quite wide so we do not recommend for female rats or anything smaller. Bar spacing 2.5cm.

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    1. Great cage brilliant value!!

      I bought this cage about 6 months ago after my rats were a couple of months old I think the bar spacing would be too big for baby rats. I have 3 male rats and they love this cage they have plenty of room. It's easy to move the cage around the room as on wheels. Easy to clean. Need to make sure the cage is locked properly as if you do it quickly and don't check they can open it themselves but great thing with rats they always come home!! But as long as locked properly they can't escape! Fast delievery. Was easy to assemble as did it on my own. Would highly recommend this cage and great value for money!! on 13th Jun 2018

    2. Great value, wonderful cage!

      I am so happy with this cage! It’s massive, easy to clean, and easy enough to assemble if you have an extra pair of hands. I can already tell my rats are much happier in themselves for having so much space. It’s pretty too, which is a bonus! on 25th Jan 2018

    3. Great Product

      I bought this cage and was surprised at the size so it was a great price. Thanks again. I will buy all my products from here as great quality and great price. on 9th Oct 2017

    4. Perfect for my rats

      Easy to assemble and keep clean this has made my rats very happy! on 28th Aug 2017

    5. I am SO HAPPY! It's brilliant, my rats LOVE it :')

      Great cage, quality, size and delivery was next day! on 1st Nov 2016

    6. Large and impressive

      Bought this for my young chinchilla and she's so happy with the amount of space and levels she has to jump around, its a great height and width for her to be able to keep herself occupied while im not home. Great to fit all her toys in too. on 12th Aug 2016

    7. Very Happy with it

      Very quick delivery. Excellent product and very easy to put together. Also very easy to keep clean. Rats very happy in it. Very good value on 9th Jul 2016

    8. Very large

      It was easy to put together with two people holding bits steady. It's ample amount of space for rats. I have two and I can definitely see this cage holding up to 6 very comfortably. Just make sure you have the space in your home to keep the cage. It's perfect for our needs. :) on 1st Oct 2015

    9. Big but fiddly

      Great delivery service, got it very quickly and was kept updated on what time it would arrive. Easy to put together, not great instructions but I managed on my own. The spacing between the bars was a concern when I bought it as I was purchasing young male rats, when the cage arrived my concerns where correct as it would be very easy for them to get through. But because it was such a good size cage I was prepared and my partner used chicken wire and cable ties to secure it until they get a bit older which has worked perfectly. The shelves in the cage are very fiddly to put in and get out even before I used chicken wire which makes it frustrating to give it a good clean, I have had to clean with a cloth without taking it apart as it's very time consuming and frustrating. Also one of the shelves was broken on delivery so that made things quite difficult but I improvised to make things sufficient. The cage size is much bigger than I expected, I have two males in there but could easily fit up to five which is great, my rats love it, plenty of space for accessories etc. The only thing I wasn't to pleased about is the bottom floor is bars above a tray that slides out to empty which my rats aren't to fond of and any bedding I put out tends to be pushed off the shelves and ends up between the bars, which my ratites can't get to, so it tends to get wasted. Otherwise lovely cage, just make sure you have the space for it!!! on 14th Sep 2015

    10. My 2 rats love it.

      Bought it for 2 rats (approx. 10-12 week old males). The smaller one has poked his head out a few times, but won't jump (rats have trouble with depth perception, and managed to climb out the top. I've used chicken wire for now as I can see once they are fully grown this won't be an issue once the little one has grown a bit more, the bigger one can't even get his head through.

      This is a very spacious cage, it has taken them a week to fully explore it, the bottle and food bowl are functional and safe, although out of personal preference I may buy a ceramic bowl and glass bottle at a later date.

      The ramps seemed a bit slippy initially, but after a couple of days they easily mastered them and go from top to bottom in about 10 seconds now.

      I like the cage as you have three big levels and 2 mini levels. Personally I have the bottom floor as living area with hidey hole for bed food water and litter, 2 play levels with lots of toys, hanging toys will likely have to be on the top floor, unless you thread a rope all the way across. The mini levels I will probably tailor or make some type of hidey holes with.

      I only have 2 rats, but I imagine this would be adequate for at least four with the right stuff in it. I would recommend considering a second food bowl/water bottle/litter tray depending on the pet as it is that big.

      Great cage and for the price I paid, really good value, also assembly was easy, probably possible solo, although extremely easy with two, took us 10 minutes to set up, needs a bit of strength for some of the 'hole lining up'.

      The holes in the shelves are a lot bigger than they look, my bigger one is nearly fully grown and takes only half the hole to get through, he easily turns around in the hole.

      Hope this is helpful.
      on 23rd Jun 2015

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