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A bit about us

It is sometimes very hard when shopping online to know exactly where you are buying from and be confident that you will receive what you have ordered - a good few pet sites claiming to be the 'biggest' or 'best' are often nothing more than someone trading from a back bedroom. We strongly advise that you look for the contact information of anyone you intend to purchase from online. Reputable companies will always have their postal address available for customers to contact them on. If you cant easily find this information think carefully about parting with your cash!

*NEW* - Updated warehouse pictures below taken Feb 2013


The picture below shows some of our rabbit cages being boxed ready to send out. We send thousands of cages out, and each one is individually boxed by us here.


Look top right in this picture to see Jasmine - one of our cats from Goole Feral Cat Rescue. She and her brother Riley both came to Little Pet Warehouse after being born outside to a feral mother and living rough on an estate for their entire early lives. They now both live in our warehouse and have adapted quickly to non-feral life. Riley in particular will do his utmost to get a cuddle, including launching himself at you from the top of a box as you walk down aisles in the warehouse, something which never ceases to terrify unsuspecting visitors. On hot days they like to sleep as close as possible to the eaves of the roof where (as it is a large building) the temperature can easily exceed 35 degrees. They will head for the highest box possible in the hope the weather may pick up!


These two shots show two aisles in the warehouse. Most of the areas look pretty similar to this... a lot of boxes! We hold everything in stock, we don't drop ship or order in. If it is on the site, then we have it here. We hold thousands of lines in stock at any given time. Our warehouse is absolutely packed and the pictures dont really display the true volume of things we have here.


A back to front view of one aisle in our warehouse. The bright shining light is where the front door is - we get very fit running up and down these long aisles every day! The second picture shows one of our shelves where the hay holders and gravity bin feeders are kept.


Our natural small pet tubes and cat/dog chemicals, flea treatments, wormers etc. This picture shows the area of our warehouse devoted to small animal tubing - we have rows and rows of different sizes, styles and variations of tubes. At any one time we normally have around 1000 individual tubes of varying sizes and styles in stock!


Small animal treats and dishes


Cat collars, dog collars and some of our horse accessories. The second picture here shows a small section of our cat collars - this was taken as we were setting up after moving to our new location so it does not show many. At last count we had over 1200 austrian crystal collars available!


Small animal chemicals (flea treatments etc), dog muzzles.


















Hay and small pet foods



Some dog collars and small animal products


More small animal foods...


Small animal harneses and cat grooming products


Some of the small animal toys we have available!


Those pictures are just a taster - we will be adding more shortly as most customers are curious to know where their pet's presents are coming from!

We are a true family run company, specialising in pet accessories. The business was started after being unable to find high quality pet products at reasonable prices locally. We have expanded rapidly into a large online store with thousands of satisfied customers, indeed currently almost 40% of our business is made up of returning customers! We are often helped by very small children at our warehouse which will clarify for anyone visiting why we may have gates across the doors (small children and forklift trucks do not mix well!)

We started Little Pet Warehouse in Bridgwater, Somerset, UK trading from a unit on the Blake Mill Industrial Park, then we moved just outside Doncaster and now we have a new, even bigger warehouse near Scunthorpe.

We hand pick all our stock and belive that all our products incorporate the best of both worlds - fantastic quality, excellent design and an appealing price tag. When you open your carefully wrapped parcel we want you to say; "Wow!" Judging by the feedback we receive on a daily basis this is a frequent occurance! We also pride ourselves on operating a friendly and streamlined service, with fast delivery and efficient response times at the forefront of our business model.

We welcome feedback & suggestions on our service and products. If you have any questions at all please contact us.