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Roxy 84 Small Animal Cage 84 x 48 x 56cm WHITE

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    Roxy 84 Small Animal Cage 84 x 48 x 56cm. Made by Little Friends. Colours as shown.

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    1. A great cage for up to 3 rats over 12 weeks old.

      This is such a bargain!
      Just to start off, this cage IS suitable for female rats, so long as they are over about 12 weeks in age (some will be fine from 10 weeks if they are big for their age). We have had 5 girls in the smaller size (it was not a stand alone cage, but was towered to add a level on top of a larger cage).
      The bar spacing is 2.0 cm or 0.8".
      This size cage is suitable as a permanent home for up to 3 rats, or possibly 4 if they are elderly.

      - Big doors - easy to get rats and put cage accessories in etc.
      - cheap and great value
      - good quality - seems like it will last a long time
      - classical small animal cage style which might be more appealing to landlords or parents
      - towerable - need more space? Got more rats? No need to buy a new cage, just buy another one of these and stick the cage without the base on top of your other one.
      - collapsible.

      - adult rats only; not suitable for rat kittens due to the bar spacing. I recommend it for rats over 200g only.
      - It's not very tall - it isn't super high, although I would say it does give enough room for climbing, but I would prefer more.
      - the wide bar spacing can make it more difficult to make a good cage layout because there's less flexibility in where you attach hooks etc.
      - the vertical bars on the short sides can be harder for rats to climb up.
      on 1st Jun 2017

    2. Solid cage, great access

      I bought this for my rats. The bar spacing is very wide and it is only suitable for adult males, in my opinion. Larger does would probably be ok, but I'd want to supervise first to be sure.
      Good size openings front and top, which are helpful for cleaning and for interacting when you're not taking them out.
      The wide spacing means fewer hammock-hanging options than some cages, but this can be worked around with a little imagination.
      The base corners are slightly sloped, so corner litter trays don't fit 'flush' to the corners. You need one that can be fixed to the bars. I don't mind this, as it leaves more space for running around on the base. :)
      Be sure to take the time to fix the bar section set up properly. If you do this the cage is sturdy. Uncurl some of the wire ends slightly, get them into place and then plier them closed again.
      This cage was missing the 2 cage clips when it arrived (that secure the wire section to the base section) but a quick email to LPW sorted that out as they put replacements in the post immediately, first class. Not their fault they were missing - big hole in box suggested courier heavy handedness. Great customer service.
      I'm happy with this cage and the boys seem to like it too. I have 4 older gentlemen in it, but I'd say for younger adult bucks it's only really suitable for 2 or 3.
      on 12th Jan 2017

    3. Mediocre

      Considering the price the product is of reasonable quality. A little stiff here and there, the paint comes off really easily when assembling. What's worst for me is that the bar spacing is suitable for adult rats only. The spacing is big enough to let through young rats, not only babies. I had to re-lay it with mesh, which, considering time and effort and not so great result makes me regret I didn't buy a more expensive but better built cage. on 23rd Jun 2015

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