Little Friends Cage assembly videos


Little Pet Warehouse in conjunction with Little Friends have produced a series of informational videos, showing in detail how to assemble and build these popular small animal cages. 

We hope to add videos for the whole range in the future.

Little Pet Warehouse Tall Chinchilla cage (TK50865) assembly video:

Little Pet Warehouse Elegance cage (TK1251) assembly video:

Little Pet Warehouse Aventura cage  (TK1152) assembly video 

Little Pet Warehouse Blenheim cage assembly video

This video shows the 140cm 'D801' cage, but the assembly process is similar for the whole Blenheim range including the smaller 'D800' 93cm Blenheim cage.

Grooming Your Ferret

Ferrets are clean animals and will groom themselves, but it is also important to regularly clean their teeth and ears, clip their nails and occasionally bath them.Bathing your ferret:  It is really important not to overdo this – it strips the oil from their fur and can give them dry skin.If you are worried about [...]

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Caring for your Rabbit in winter

Rabbits who are normally kept outdoors can really suffer in the winter if the temperature suddenly dips. Even if your rabbit is an indoor bunny you will need to make sure their cage is situated somewhere which is not too cold.If your rabbit is outdoors:Make sure their hutch is waterproofed on both the top and [...]

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Picking the correct hammock for your Ferret

Ferrets are extremely playful pets but also enjoy spending large swathes of their day relaxing. They are particularly fond of hammocks and soft bedding. We have years of experience supplying hammocks to thousands of ferret owners and have got a range of some of the best ferret hammocks around!So what should you choose for your [...]

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Caring For Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs make fabulous pets and are relatively easy to keep. If you have the time and space to keep two (or more) piggies together they are extremely rewarding small pets. They are herd animals and must never be kept alone as it can cause behavioural problems.HousingFirstly your piggies need somewhere to live which is [...]

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Black Friday 2016 Sale

What Is Black Friday?Black Friday is becoming a global event taking savings to a new level. Originating in the USA as the busiest shopping day of the year, many companies offer crazy discounts and offers on the Friday and sometimes for the whole weekend. Black Friday Deals have been known to create chaos throughout the [...]

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​Training your Chinchilla

Chinchillas are highly intelligent animals and can easily be trained to do certain tricks. They are quite independent and wilful though, so do be prepared to persevere with your training for a while to get a positive outcome! Chinchillas are more difficult to train than other small pets such as rats. They are just as [...]

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Can I train my small pet to walk on a lead?

Some small pets can be trained to walk with you, using a harness and lead. As with all trick training start slowly and stop if your pet is not enjoying themselves. This can be an ideal way to allow your pet to explore outside safely!Some of the easiest small pets for lead training are Rats [...]

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Common Ferret Behaviour Problems

At LIttle Pet Warehouse we think that Ferrets make fabulous pets, But they (like most small animals) can have some behaviour problems. The good news is that these are easily trained out and ferrets are extremely quick to pick up on what they should and shouldn’t be doing providing you are consistent.Digging - Ferrets will [...]

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Housing your chinchilla

Choosing a cage for your chinchillas can seem complicated as there are so many different designs available. Since chinchillas can live for many years it makes sense to get the largest cage you can in the first instance so that your pet has plenty of space.You need around six cubic feet of space per chinchilla [...]

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