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Blenheim Extra Tall Rat Cage with Accessories 140cm BLACK

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    This cage measures 79cm long x 52cm wide x 140cm heigh. It comes with the plastic accessories shown - a bottle, bowl, shelves and ladders. 

    This cage is great for Rats, Chinchillas and Ferrets, bar spacing is quite wide so we do not recommend for female rats or anything smaller. Bar spacing 2.5cm.

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      Arrived quickly with clear, logical instructions for assembly. Once assembled can be kept clean quickly and easily - wish I'd invested in one of these years ago! on 30th May 2017

    2. Fantastic cage huge

      This cage is massive my rats have so much more space it was easy to put together I did it myself in about 20 mins this company is great the products are so worth the money you pay for them the cages are so much bigger than what you can get in a shop for better value on 11th Jan 2017

    3. Great cage

      This a great cage, both my Ferrets are loving it, the cage is large and easy to clean highly recommended. on 17th Oct 2016

    4. Excellent Value for Money

      I bought for my 6 male rats... First off, shipping was fantastic, I ordered on the Sunday morning, it came Monday. They gave me an extremely accurate shipping delivery window so I didn't feel like I was waiting around all day.

      The cage looks nice and it was easy enough to put together, I did it alone in about 45 minutes, but it only took so long because I was in a small room. The cage has so much space for toys and hidey spots, my six boys are very comfortable, but my guess would be it would fit a maximum 10 rats. You can switch the levels around to make the cage layout different. It's easy to move the cage around because it's on wheels.


      - The bar spacing is wide, I wouldn't keep baby rats or females in this cage. My males can fit their heads through the bars easily.
      - The cage rattles kinda loud when the occupants move around vigorously. Doesn't bother me, but just note.
      - I like to remove the platforms to clean, but it's awkward to take them off, but I'm sure there's a way around it.
      - For me, it didn't come with the water bottle pictured, but they still provided a generic one.
      on 29th Sep 2016

    5. Brilliant

      My 4 boys love this cage. Plenty of room for them to climb, lots of room to put toys and hammocks in.
      Really easy to assemble and very sturdy. Delivery was fast and everything arrived as it should.
      Have reccommended this site to a lot of my friends with fury animals
      on 8th Sep 2016

    6. Love this cage

      This cage is brilliant, a decent size and easy to put together. my rats love it. on 25th Jul 2016

    7. fantastic cage

      this is a fantastic cage and great vaule for money! so easy to put up, and you can have so much in the cage!! and create so many hidey holes for my rats! my 2 boys love it... I wouldn't recommend for a female as the spacing is too large!!

      but its great, I have just bought the smaller verison for my downstairs cage! so I cant wait!

      I cant stress enough how amazing this cage is!! great easy to clean!! everything amazing!! I buy all my hammocks from here as well!
      on 21st Jun 2016

    8. Fantastic cage

      My 2 boy rats love this and the size is great they have so much running room, an so much room for hammocks and toys!! And hanging treats and hiding holes and so easy to clean, even a baby wipe clean it's so easy!!

      Best Buy! An a great website for other products too
      on 1st Jun 2016


      Just purchased this for my 2 rats! super fast delivery and great communication. got a text on the day with estimated delivery time. Huge cage, fairly easy to put together with 2 people. My rats love it, they have loads more space and really easy to keep clean. love that it has wheels!! Highly recommended :) on 17th May 2016

    10. Brilliant

      It arrived the next day! It is MASSIVE. My boys love it, they get heaps of exercise running around, up and down the ladders from floor to floor and climbing all over the bars. It was really quick and easy to put together too. It is worth at least double what I paid. on 28th Mar 2016

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